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Shut up and build!

1 minute read

Do you have a Mr. or Ms. No in your company? You know, the one who has an opinion and lots of ideas, but is constantly stuck in the concept stage? Thriving o...

Using Scrapy from a script or celery task

3 minute read

Scrapy is a web scraping framework for Python. If you followed the tutorial, the steps include creating a project, defining an item, writing a spider, and in...

Coding is the new Excel

1 minute read

Data is everywhere. We’re surrounded by machines that track, measure, sample, record and save everything. Translating that data into useful insight - well th...

7 principles of stuff-raising

9 minute read

They call it an Impact Tour. You board a yellow school bus, which takes you to one of the many places funded in part by the United Way.

5 ways IT can think like the business

4 minute read

“What will it take to get you into this new ERP software”? As an IT industry, we sell what we know. From the perspective of the business, we sound like used ...

Operations killed the Customer Service star

2 minute read

For many companies, customer service is purely a numbers game. Average handle time, first call resolution, cost per call - this business has been optimized i...

Fly your project team in formation

3 minute read

The project is off the rails. There goal was to migrate a service from an old platform to a new one, but at 70% done, the performance of the new system isn’t...